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Romantic Getaways

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Vegas Is For Lovers?

Vegas is for Lovers? Las Vegas is the world's biggest gambling destination, and practically everyone is aware of that. It's a city where dreams are made and then crushed in minutes on the gambling tables. Its many casino resorts rake in billions of dollars annually and attract millions of visitors. But that's only one side of Sin City.

If you wanted to scratch your gambling itch via slot machines online, or forfeit it altogether, then you'd find that Las Vegas offers much more than casinos.

Vegas is the perfect location to see a wide variety of shows. With literally thousands of restaurants to choose from, Las Vegas is also a must-visit location for cuisine connoisseurs. And, of course, we're all familiar with the magnet-like attraction Vegas has when it pulls in young lovers ready to tie the knot in a five-minute ceremony with a chubby Elvis impersonator conducting the rite.

The city has caught some serious flak for that last feature. Vegas is often thought of as a place for spur-of-the-moment love, and it's even developed a slogan – “ What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. ” But for real couples out there, truly in love and looking for a romantic getaway for two, Las Vegas can be like taking a trip around the globe without having to leave the desert.

Take The Venetian, for example. This lavish resort hotel was modeled after Venice, Italy and stands out as one of the most romantic places for getaways and honeymoons in the world, much less in the U.S.

The work that went into The Venetian is stunning, with true-to-life Italian old-world architecture and all the ambiance of the country's most famous water-laden city. However, this isn't the only reason The Venetian stands out.

Instead of having its casino on the first floor like so many other Strip hotels and resorts, The Venetian hotel is actually separated from the casino, allowing couples a more private and much quieter atmosphere for alone time without the hustle and bustle of gambling traffic.

Now, for that person who just can't resist gambling, a laptop in the room to play online blackjack might be just what the doctored ordered – but that's neither here nor there. In fact, gambling may never even cross your mind when you find out everything The Venetian offers in terms of a romantic getaway.

Because of its unique design features, the Grand Canal Shoppes and all 17 unique restaurants are located within short walking distance, stacked on one another and overlooking the waterway. Guests of The Venetian can choose from, obviously, genuine Italian food or many other cuisine options – and also a great selection of wines and champagnes to get those romantic juices flowing.

The rooms of The Venetian are designed with honeymooners and lovers in mind. They offer the ultimate in privacy, plenty of space and comfort, large tubs/Jacuzzis, and adjustable lighting along with a good sound system to set the mood when you're ready. Not to even mention that the views from their suites are priceless.

For the ladies out there wanting something truly romantic, don't let your man waste his time locked away in the room searching for an online casino USA players can attend while pretending he isn't interested in gambling. You don't want to miss out on one of Vegas' best attractions, and The Venetian's staple – gondola rides.

The Venetian's Canal is designed with overwater bridges and stretches for a quarter mile. You and your partner can take the ride down the waterway while being serenaded by a gondolier just like in Venice.

Of course, Vegas is always going to attract gamblers and tourists wanting to check out other aspects of the city. But with locations like The Venetian, Sin City also stands out as a prime location for romantic getaways, and this particular resort is just one of many offering a great atmosphere.

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