Top 10 Best Fitness Gifts To Get You Moving

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With the plethora of workout equipment in the market, it might seem easy to choose the best fitness gifts for the athlete in your life. However, this is not the case. It's easy to get confused when there are so many options to choose from and so many things to consider. Should you get the two-pound or the eight-pound dumbbells? Does their workout routine require a yoga mat or not? What if they already have the equipment you are considering? These are some of the questions you may find yourself asking when brainstorming ideas for fitness gifts.

A good gift should not only be thoughtful but also something the recipient needs or would enjoy. What's more, your fitness gift should show that you know the person very well.

What To Consider When Buying Fitness Gifts

Similar to other gifts, you shouldn't select the first thing you come across when purchasing fitness gifts. Even if you are a fitness guru, you should not assume the recipient will love the same things you do. There are several things you can do to ensure you pick a gift they will enjoy and appreciate. Including::

Consider their fitness routine

Do they want fitness gifts?

Consider gifts that are not explicitly tied to weight loss

Make your true intentions for giving the gift known

10 Of The Best Fitness Gifts

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Fitness gifts make for excellent presents because they are meant to be used. You don’t have to worry about the person never using it or keeping it on their shelf to collect dust. However, finding a great fitness gift can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you are overwhelmed by the number of options to choose from, we’ve created a list of 10 of the best fitness gifts that any fitness enthusiast or beginner would love.

Whether you are buying fitness gifts for gym junkies or yogis, a yoga mat is a must-have for anyone who works out. Good yoga mats are essential workout tools because they provide a cushion for your spine and provide a barrier against dirt from the floor. They also protect you from getting blisters that might arise from working out on a bare surface.

If you are considering getting them a yoga mat, the BalanceForm GoYoga series is an excellent option. This mat is 71 inches long and 24 inches wide which means it is suitable for people of different sizes. What's more, the mat has high-density foam that is half an inch thick to provide comfort and support for the spine, knees, hips, and elbows when you are working out on a hard floor. The BalanceForm mat is also slip-resistant to prevent injuries. Also, this mat is water resistant which makes it easy to wash. Its lightweight feature makes it the perfect yoga mat for someone who is always on the go.

A sports water bottle is one of the fitness gifts you cannot go wrong with. If you are worried the person may misinterpret your present, a water bottle is a good way to go. That is an excellent gift for fitness enthusiasts as well as someone who is just starting out.

The Embrava 32-oz sports water bottle is one of the best bottles you can get for your friend or relative. For starters, this water bottle has a unique ergonomic design. It features a sturdy carry strap and a stylish reflective frosted casing. This water bottle is dust-proof and leak-proof as well. Its shatterproof feature makes it a great option if you are in search of a durable water bottle. There is no risk involved in buying this bottle since the company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn't meet your expectations, you can return it for a full refund.

Music plays a significant role in your exercise routine. Researchers have found that it distracts you from your surroundings and allows you to focus. Music also encourages you to work out longer and stick to a daily routine. Isn't this something you would want to add to your friend's routine? One way to do it is to buy them a set of high-quality headphones.

TaoTronics headphones are top-notch headphones any fitness enthusiast would appreciate. One of the things they will love about these headphones is that they are sleek and ergonomic. They are designed to fit tightly into the ear so that they do not come out even when the person is engaging in a vigorous workout. The headphones are also designed to stream music wirelessly. You get up to nine hours of wireless streaming from two hours of battery charge. Their IPX6 Splashproof Build feature makes the headphones sweat and waterproof. The headphones also have a magnetic design that makes for a convenient carry since all you have to do is to lock the headphones together. 

Kettlebells are great fitness gifts for someone who is trying to start up their a home gym. They are also an excellent choice for someone who has just started working out as well as longtime fitness lovers. The best thing about kettlebells is that you can do many exercise variations with them and they also have numerous benefits.

One of the best kettlebells you can gift someone is Yes4All combo cast iron kettlebell weight sets. Several things make these kettlebells the best fitness gifts for her or him. For one, you get three kettlebells in one purchase; a 5, 10 and 15-pound kettlebell. The kettlebells feature a durable cast iron material with no welds, seams or weak spots. They also have black paint finish to enhance their durability and prevent corrosion. Also, these kettlebells have a wide textured handle that ensures you have a hard grip as you workout. According to the manufacturer, you do not need chalk when using these kettlebells.

A gym bag is a perfect gift for a gym enthusiast since it provides a convenient way for them to carry all they need for the gym. The Kuston gym bag is a top-grade option if you are considering getting them a bag for the gym. Several things make this gym bag stand out from the rest. For one, this gym bag has a large capacity. It features one big compartment for storing daily essentials, an inner smaller pocket for storing a phone and keys, and a separate shoe compartment.

It features soft water-proof polyester material, and it is effortless to store due to its small size. The back also features a built-in water bottle pocket and has a waterproof pocket suitable for storing wet clothes.

Is the person you are getting the gift for a running enthusiast? Perhaps they would appreciate a high-quality pair of training shoes. A runner cannot have too many training shoes since most shoes tend to wear out at the sole from heavy use.

“The Henry” by YORK Athletics are among the best training shoes based on user reviews. These unisex running sneakers feature a breathable, lightweight air mesh and perforated microfiber tongue to offer comfort and protection against lace bite. What's more, the outer sole features slip-resistant rubber that prevents slipping. The midsole features a compression-molded lightweight EVA for additional support and durability. The Henry also has a custom PU foam sock liner that wicks moisture and provides cushioning.

Wearable ankle and wrist weights are also among the best fitness gifts. The wearable weights can add more resistance to a workout, thereby enabling them to build muscle. An excellent example of high-quality wearable weights is Bala Bangles. Bala Bangles can be added to any fitness routine from cardio, running, pilates, core training, and home workouts. They are made from high-quality fitness materials and come in a variety of colors. What's more, these fitness bangles are one-size-fits-all, which makes for an easy selection.

If the person you are considering buying fitness gifts for is a boxing enthusiast, a thoughtful gift would be a pair of high-quality boxing gloves. Boxing gloves are great because they offer protection for the hands and soften the hit.

One of the best boxing gloves you can get is the Sanabul Essential boxing gloves. These boxing gloves feature a GEL-infused foam that offers protection against injury during training. Also, they feature a Performance Engineered Leather material that’s not only durable but also very easy to clean. The palm area of the gloves is made of mesh to increase air circulation thereby keeping your hands cool as you train. These gloves also come in a variety of colors and sizes which makes for an easy selection. 

A fitness tracker is a great gift for anyone regardless of whether or not they have an active lifestyle. It encourages physical activity and also gives the person an idea of how well they are doing in their fitness journey among other benefits.

One of the top fitness trackers you can get for a friend or relative is the ZyMaSh fitness tracker. This fitness tracker automatically monitors your heart rate and sleep cycles in real time. It's also a handy tool for tracking your daily activities. It calculates the number of steps you’ve covered in a day, burned calories and distance covered. You don’t have to worry about getting the tracker wet because it is waterproof. The tracker features 14 activity modes in the heart tracker that help in giving you a better insight into the data depending on which activity you are doing.

What's more, with this tracker, it is possible to accept or decline calls coming through your phone. Its colored screen and long battery life are also impressive. 

If you are in search of cheap fitness gifts, resistance bands are an excellent choice. Not only are these bands cost effective but also very beneficial. They are portable, suitable for different workout variations, and work different parts of the body.

One of the best resistance bands you can get for someone as a gift is Nylea Fitness Bands. These resistance bands are made from super tensile 100 latex material to ensure durability and maximum results. The three bands are for different fitness levels which makes it possible for you to vary the intensity of your workouts. The Nylea resistance bands are for fitness training, sports, injury rehabilitation, body shaping, weight loss, and physical therapy. 

Support Their Fitness Journey With Incredible Fitness Gifts

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As you can see, there are many fitness gifts from which you can choose. Just remember to consider their fitness routine, your budget, whether they need the gift or not, and how you will present it to avoid coming across as offensive. Also, do not forget to wrap your gift before you offer it. A well-wrapped gift appears well presented and thoughtful. Pick a gift and make your fit friend happy!


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