Top DIY Gifts For Him And Her: Thoughtful And Inexpensive Ideas

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Finding gifts is difficult when you get older because most adults seem to have everything they need. What does that leave when you need to get them a gift? You don’t want to give a useless or meaningless present to your significant other. That’s why DIY gifts are some of the best options out there.

Many people avoid DIY gifts because they’re worried it will seem cheap. But in all reality, the receiver of your gift is going to know that you put thought and time into the whole process. You didn’t take a quick shopping trip to pick something off a shelf. Instead, you chose to make something for them with love. So even if it isn’t big and expensive, you gave your gift meaning by putting in the effort.

In addition to all of that, it is much easier to personalize a present if you make it by hand. Whether it’s with personal pictures that bring back memories or something they may enjoy for personal care. No matter what you choose to make, it has been customized to fit them perfectly. The real challenge is, how well do you know your loved one?

The Best Gifts Are Homemade

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Commonly, people want to buy a present that is big or expensive. They think that gives a gift meaning. While it’s a nice gesture, it isn’t always a feasible option based on your bank account. But not having much money doesn’t mean you need to take a quick shopping trip and pick something pointless off the shelf. There are plenty of DIY gifts that are special and will be so much fun to make.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

When it comes to making DIY gifts, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. If you aren’t particularly crafty, don’t make something complicated. Making DIY gifts doesn't mean you need to become the ultimate craftsman. Instead, you could throw together a basket of your loved one's favorite snacks or products. It might not feel like much, but they’ll love it because it shows that you know what they enjoy.

Save money and add a little extra love

As we mentioned before you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a gift count. You are still going to need to buy the materials to make your gift. DIY gifts may also be created using a service to put together something meaningful. Even though you didn’t physically make it yourself, you still put the thought and effort into putting it together.

What You Can Expect From This List

Most people split general items into categories specifically for men or women. We will be doing that here, but only to a certain extent. It’s true, many men and women have different tastes, but there are also so many things that we all enjoy. You can also make DIY gifts for a couple as well. Whether it is for their anniversary, Christmas, or a house-warming party. They might have everything they need for their home, so giving them something special is always a lovely gesture.

DIY Gifts For The Man In Your Life

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Every man is different. At first, we assume the only presents to get them are tools and other manly items. For most guys, we know that can be true, but it also isn’t limited to those things. They love photos, memories, and keepsakes just as much as any woman out there. For instance, my husband probably enjoys bath bombs even more than I do. You know the man in your life best, these are merely some fun suggestions, and they don’t have to be for a special occasion. Have fun and surprise them when they least expect it.

1. DIY Beard Kit for Men

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A spa vacation is fantastic for anyone, even the most masculine man you know. But it’s also an expensive option. So consider giving him some DIY gifts he can use to pamper himself. Plus, we’re focusing on most men’s favorite feature, their beards.

If your significant other likes to be cleanly shaven, the beard oils or balms may not be much use to him. But some homemade aftershave might be what he needs. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other things you could add, including moisturizing lip balm, natural lotion, or even a body scrub. After all, you know them best, these are merely some helpful ideas.

Homemade aftershave

Every man can use some aftershave. The bonus here is the fact that you can make an all natural version. Many people have issues with allergies and have difficulty finding a product that won’t cause a reaction. Even if he doesn’t have that issue, using a natural alternative is always the better option.

Materials needed:
  • 4 ounces of vodka
  • 2 tablespoons of Jamaican rum
  • 2 dried bay leaves (Don’t use the bay leaves they sell at the grocery store. Make sure to use Pimenta racemosa leaves or substitute with bay rum oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon allspice
  • A stick of cinnamon, broken in pieces
  • Fresh zest from a small orange

Once you prepared all your ingredients, mix them and store in a tightly sealed mason jar. Put the whole container in a dark place for about two weeks. By doing so, you will allow the alcohol to pull out the oils in the leaves. After the appropriate amount of time has passed, strain the liquid through several layers of coffee filters. Repeat the straining process a few times, and when it is completely clear of debris, it will be ready for the bottle of your choice.

Homemade beard oil

Beard oils that have become more common in recent years. Men’s beards have grown into more of a fashion movement. Beard oils are most popular because they help condition your beard, moisturize your skin, and smell incredible.

If the man in your life feels the same way, it might be time to whip up some DIY beard oil for him. It’s easier than you might think to make DIY beard oil, and it doesn’t take much extra effort. It all comes down to choosing a moisturizing carrier oil, or a mix of a few, and adding some essential oils.

Materials you need:

All you have to do is pick your ideal blend of oils. You will want to have a beneficial carrier oil. Consider checking out this guide to different oils and how they are helpful for beards. For instance, high-fat contents can promote hair growth and add shine. Castor oil is commonly chosen to encourage hair growth in many different ways. You can use it on everything from your eyelashes and eyebrows, to beards or scalps.

Then it all comes down to picking a scent you man might enjoy. Great options for essential oils include cedarwood, orange, and tea tree oil, or even sandalwood. There are also some other great suggestions on aromatherapy blends for men, which could be applied to men’s products as well.

Homemade beard balm

Another fantastic option to add to your DIY gifts is homemade beard balm. Any man that already has a full beard may need some help moisturizing and shaping his facial hair. Beard balm is a combination of oils and waxes that help moisturize hair and skin. It is a thicker consistency than a lotion or regular conditioner. Plus, it will help him get all those stray hairs going in the same direction.

Materials needed:

Combine the beeswax pastilles, jojoba oil, shea butter, argan oil, and vitamin E oil in the top of your double boiler. Slowly heat the ingredients until they all just barely begin to melt. Then add the essential oil, mix it thoroughly, and pour it into your two tins. Allow it to harden completely before using it or giving it away.

2. Grillmaster Basket

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If your man loves grilling it’s all the better for you. After all, that’s less cooking you have to do in the summertime. Besides that, it’s a pretty tasty hobby to have so it’s never a bad idea to promote it. So if he loves to grill, consider making him a basket of goodies he can use to make his next meal.

The basket may include a funny aprongrilling toolsseasonings, and barbeque sauce. To top it all off, you can give him some fantastic recipes to try with a new cookbook. All you have to do is pack it in a basket. He could even put it to use when carrying things from the house or the grill to your outdoor seating area.

DIY Gifts For Your Lovely Lady

The truth is, most ladies adore handmade gifts. DIY gifts are so thoughtful and creative it makes them even more special. There are so many different ways you could go with these gifts. First of all, homemade self-care products are fantastic because they tend to be all natural. Not only are they all natural but they are a great way to kick back and relax. In turn, keepsakes also make fabulous DIY gifts because they are reminders of fond memories.

1. Homemade spa kit

Handmade Spa Bath Gift Set

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Every lady enjoys taking time to herself every once in a while. Every mother, wife, girlfriend, or daughter needs to unwind on occasion. They might not even realize how much they need it. Many women are multitasking like crazy to take care of their husband and kids while keeping their house clean and working. Even being a full-time student or focusing on their career can have a significant toll on the time they have for themselves.

So no matter how well balanced she may seem, every woman could use a little time to relax. That is precisely why they will think it is so sweet when you present them with a homemade spa kit. You can either make items yourself or put together products from an all-natural shop in your area.

Homemade bath bombs

There are so many bath bombs that you can purchase if you’re short on time. But in the long run, it costs more to buy a set of bath bombs than it does to make your own. As a bonus, all the ladies in your life are going to be so impressed with your new skill.

Materials you will need:

Bath bombs are way easier to make than you might think. First, mix the dry ingredients, which include Epsom salts, baking soda, cornstarch, and citric acid. Combine them thoroughly.

Then mix the wet ingredients, which are coconut oil, water, and essential oils. Make sure the coconut oil is liquid when you do this, otherwise it will not mix seamlessly with the other wet ingredients. The easiest way to combine them is to pour them all in a jar and shake.

Once your wet and dry ingredients are ready, begin mixing them. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients very slowly while using a whisk to combine them. Mix until there are no chunks and immediately begin packing the concoction into the molds. The mixture should make about 12 bath bombs, but it will all depend on the size of the molds you are using. After you have packed all your molds, leave them in a safe place to dry. To be sure they have set completely, allow your bath bombs sit for 24-hours. In the end, your patience will pay off because you will have plenty of DIY gifts for everyone on your list.

Homemade sugar scrubs

Sugar scrubs are another great present you could make in a large amount for all the extraordinary women in your life. Exfoliation is more crucial than most people know. After shaving, you should exfoliate because it reduces the chance of ingrown hairs and removes dead skin. Make sure they also have a good easy to make.

Materials you need:

You can make large batches as well, but it’s best to make them right before you give them as gifts. It will be like aromatherapy every time they bathe, and what could be more relaxing than that?

2. DIY Wooden Picture Ornaments

I transferred pictures onto wooden pieces to make decorations for my loved ones a few years ago. So I can say from personal experience that this is a fantastic gift for women because we love keepsakes. But it’s honestly a wonderful gift to give anyone. We put it in this category because it is an incredibly thoughtful gift she will sincerely appreciate it. Also, she probably does most of the decorating.

Materials you need:

If you are able, you could easily cut your wooden circles to save a little extra money. You will also need to laser print her favorite pictures on ordinary paper. It is the only way they will transfer properly.

Sand the wooden pieces smooth and paint them with white acrylic paint. Once they are dry, you can brush over the painted surface with transfer gel. Carefully place the photo and smooth it down to get rid of any air bubbles. Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete your project. These will need to dry completely, so leave them in a safe place overnight.

When they have dried completely, spritz them with water. Once the paper is saturated, you can rub the paper gently with your fingers. It will pill up and come off in little pieces. Don’t rub too hard because once you get through the paper, you will run the chance of ruining the transferred photo.

Altogether, there are quite a few steps and a little preparation that is required. But it is a straightforward process. You could also consider checking out these other methods. No matter what method you use, they will make fantastic DIY gifts.

3. Make a calendar of your life together

​Whether you’re a relatively new couple or have been together for years, a calendar full of some of her favorite memories is one of the best DIY gifts. It is a little challenging to put this together on your own without it looking like a scrapbook. While that would still be cute, you might want to consider a more comfortable option. Snapfish is a fabulous way to make a personalized and professional calendar with spectacular picture quality.

All you need to do is picture your favorite pictures, and choose a layout. Snapfish also has a plethora of other options she would enjoy. Such as canvases, photo books, and so much more. Calendars are a favorite for a lot of people because you can put together memories for a new calendar every year.

DIY Gift For Any Significant Other

As we mentioned before, there are plenty of gifts that can be personalized for men or women. But when it comes down to it, most people enjoy similar things. Common interests include books, movies, gift cards, games, and so much more. Most things don’t strictly fit into one category or the other, even though we automatically think of them that way. But if you want to make DIY gifts for a couple, we have some more fantastic ideas.

Movie night in a basket

Movie Night Snack Gift Box

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What couple doesn’t enjoy the occasional movie night? It’s even more romantic if they can enjoy it in the comfort of their home. At first, you might think this is too simple, and it might seem like you didn’t put in enough effort. But movie night in a basket is one of the best DIY gifts for a couple who doesn’t get to have many date nights.

You could throw in a gift card for dinner at a restaurant to start their night. That way, no one has to worry about cooking for once. Then pack everything into a cute popcorn bucket, including a bottle of wine and all the best snacks for a movie night. You could also spoil them with an array of popcorn seasonings and candy. Consider adding fun movie night printables and their favorite movie to the basket as well. Although this might give them an excuse to watch a movie they haven’t had the time to watch yet. Remember, sometimes the simple DIY gifts are a huge hit because it gives the couple a chance to relax and enjoy a night in their home.

DIY Gifts: Simple, Inexpensive, And Made With Love

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In the end, there are a lot of choices when it comes to DIY gifts. There are endless ideas you can make in the comfort of your home. Some are personalized, and others are just fun. DIY gifts will you save a bunch of money, and you can make something you know they will love. After all, you also know them the best. Do they need a chance to relax? Do they love keepsakes? Is there something in particular that catches their interest?

Once you narrow down what they like, you can make it a reality It will show how much you know and care. It also doesn’t take too much time to whip something together. Most people avoid DIY gifts because they feel like they’re cheap and feel embarrassed. But it’s so much better than something you picked off the shelf at the last minute. Instead, it shows that you’re willing to put time and effort into the person you love.


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