Top 24 Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

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Choosing gifts for men who have everything can seem like a daunting task. After all, what can you buy for a man who goes and gets what he wants as he needs it throughout the year? Here's what's important to understand: It's not necessarily what you buy for him that matters. Most people simply appreciate that you put thought into what you buy for them.

Boyfriends, husbands, fathers, and brothers all have one thing in common: they'll leave you clues as to what they might enjoy as a gift. It's usually not deliberate. However, if you know what to look for, you can easily identify a gift that he'll enjoy.

Helpful Tips for Finding Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

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The first thing to do when trying to figure out the best gifts for men who have everything is to step outside of what you would consider a good gift and try to look at things through their eyes.

Figure out what he needs

If you spend months knitting him the perfect sweater, are you doing it for him or yourself? Does he genuinely need the perfect sweater? Or any sweater? When looking for gifts for men who have everything, keep in mind three things: usefulness, surprise, and quality. For a man, and most people, the best gift is to give them something they'll actually use and enjoy.

For example, most men carry a wallet, but perhaps the one you choose for him may be of a finer quality than what he'd splurge on for himself. So you've given him something that's useful and has quality.

Keep it simple

Let's revisit that perfect sweater you're thinking of knitting for him. What does keeping it simple mean? The difference between that sweater and a nice wallet. Although it's true that the best gifts for men who have everything are the gifts you put some thought into, it's possible to think and worry yourself into a panic. There's no need. If you're reading this, you're already putting thought into his gift.

Things he would love to have but wouldn't buy for himself

Going back to our fictional wallet, think about what you know he would enjoy but would perhaps not think to buy for himself. For example, a man may enjoy a glass of high-quality brandy, but would rarely consider buying a unique and hand-crafted glass from which to drink it. Most likely, he'd casually admire a special glass if he saw one in a store, then forget about it later. That's what most of us would do.

However, you noticed that he enjoys a good glass of brandy or whiskey. Therefore, surprising him with an unusual glass would be a delightful gift for him.

His hobbies and interests

If a man has hobbies and interests that have gifts attached, you're in luck! That makes him easy to buy for, right? Wait...maybe not. Think about your own hobbies and interests. If you knit sweaters (sorry to keep going back to that...), you probably like a certain type of knitting needles and a specific quality of yarn. Running into Walmart and buying a few rolls of yarn might or might not be something that will work for you.

Therefore, this is where you have to get a little sneaky. You need to stalk him in a sense. Sneak a peek at his Amazon wishlist, for example. Moreover, browse through his Facebook history for telling clues. Maybe even ask his friends or family who share the same interests what they think he would like.

How We Found the Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

To find the best gifts for men who have everything, we read countless articles on tips for buying gifts for men. Furthermore, we did a deep dig on Amazon to find the most popular gifts for men and came up with this list.

The 25 Best Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be challenging. However, depending on your budget and their interests, any of the gifts on this list are gifts that most people would enjoy. 

1. AeroGarden Ultra with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

If the man you're buying for loves to cook but lives in an apartment, why not gift him with his own miniature herb garden? The AeroGarden Ultra with LED lights and a gourmet seed pod kit will take his culinary mastery to the next level. Moreover, the plants grow in a hydroponic environment, which means they grow in water, not soil. Does he have a brown thumb? No worries! It comes with an LCD control panel that will remind him when to add water and nutrients (included).

The seed pod kit contains seeds for thyme, parsley, mint, chives, dill, and two different kinds of basil. However, he can buy seeds and plant his own if he likes. Furthermore, the kit will provide an entire season of growth, although once he has it, he can use it indefinitely by adding more seeds as needed.

2. Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook

When it comes to men, you can't go wrong with a classic Moleskine notebook. They can use it for everything from journaling to expense reports, and even as a planner. 

3. The Mamba Mentality: How I Play by Kobe Bryant

Get inside the complex mind of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, aka "Black Mamba." This book isn't just a memoir; it's analytical. Bryant discusses how he sizes up opponents, gets through injuries, and more. Furthermore, he goes into detail about how he prepares mentally and physically for his day.

4. Audible membership

Does the man you're shopping for like to read? If he works out or spends a lot of time on a commute, he may enjoy an Audible membership. He can listen to audiobooks on his smartphone or tablet.

5. Kindle Paperwhite or Oasis

Does he prefer to read his books rather than listen to them? Consider a Kindle. 

6. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

If he doesn't already have a drone, he needs a drone. Every guy needs a grown-up remote control flying toy. There are more expensive drones on Amazon if your budget allows, but this is the perfect starter drone.

7. Amazon Deep Cleaning Service

Have you thought about giving him the gift of a clean home? No, I don't mean for you to go clean it for him. You can use Amazon Services and have a maid service go to his home.  Optional services include a deep cleaning or spring cleaning, and you can add on services like cleaning out the fridge and the inside of cabinets. Kindle's house cleaning service is surprisingly popular.

8. Personalized handcrafted wooden beer carrier with bottle opener

If he loves his craft beer or any beer, he'll also love this handcrafted wooden beer carrier. It's perfect for carrying out to the deck or balcony because it has an attached bottle opener. 

9. LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

Give him the gift of peace and quiet. The LectroFan white noise machine is the dream of every human being who sleeps. With 10 ambient noise variations and 10 fan sounds, this little wonder-machine will guarantee a good night's sleep to anyone you buy it for.

10. The Original BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass with real 0.308 bullet

We found this amazing rocks glass on Amazon Handmade, and it's immensely popular. This is a sure winner for any guy who drinks anything. Seriously, whiskey, bourbon, scotch, water. Regardless of what they like to drink out of it, men love this glass.  The artisan will even do custom engraving on it. Be sure to message them in advance if you want that service.

11. Personalized engraved flask

Another gift available via Amazon Handmade, this personalized flask is perfect for the man who enjoys a little class with his spirits of choice. It's engraved with his name and the name of his hometown, just as if he has his own personal distillery. 

12. Personalized Leather Valet Tray

In every home, regardless of how organized it is, there's that one spot where we all walk in and drop our stuff. Wouldn't he love a small valet tray where he can put his watch, rings, and other small things? Furthermore, this hand-crafted valet tray can be personalized with whatever words you want. Geo-coordinates of where you met, a Bible or literary quote, his name, and more. 

13. BedShelfie Plus the original bedside shelf

Pamper him with this nifty BedShelfie that attaches to his bed frame to hold his coffee, laptop, book, or whatever else he brings to bed with him. That is the original, not to be confused with cheaply made similar knock-offs. Furthermore, it was in Business Insider. Moreover, it aims to replace the bedside table to free up space in the bedroom. 

14. S'well stainless steel travel mug

If he carries a beverage around with him, whether it's coffee or water, he'll like the S'well stainless steel travel mug. It's stylish and understated and will appeal to the minimalist's soul. 

15. The Twisted Shot

For the health-conscious guy who's into organic health solutions, the Twisted Shot is an ideal gift. It comes in a 16-ounce bottle that will give him 8 shots (1 per day) of apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne. The company's aim is to make a daily dose of apple cider vinegar taste delicious. Furthermore, they sell six-packs of this flavor and others. 

16. Bellroy Slim Sleeve leather wallet

Here's that wallet we referenced in our intro! It isn't just any old wallet. The Bellroy Slim Sleeve is made out of top-grain soft, supple leather and has more than 500 reviews on Amazon. Furthermore, it has a three-year warranty. 

17. Radiate Portable Campfire

Every man loves a campfire. It's just so much fun, and quite cozy, to sit beside a fire in the outdoors. Thanks to the Radiate Portable Campfire, your guy can enjoy a campfire even in places where he can't gather twigs to start one. Furthermore, you can save money by buying a four-pack. That might help you knock out the gifts for other men on your list, too.

18. SKLZ Gold Flex -- golf training aid for strength and tempo training

Is he a golfer? If so, he probably doesn't have the SKLZ Gold Flex golf training aid. He can work on his swing strength and tempo even in a small room or office. 

19. 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson

This awesome little book is a must-have on any person's bookshelf. In the 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, renowned psychologist and author Jordan B. Peterson covers everything from the terrible fate of people who criticize too easily to making sure you pet any cat you encounter on the street. 

20. Amazon Echo smart speaker with Alexa

The Amazon Echo may be something that he already has. However, if he doesn't have it, this is the perfect choice in gifts for men who have everything. He can give it voice commands to listen to music, audiobooks, news briefs, and more. Furthermore, it can control his smart home by adjusting thermostats, locking doors, and turning on lights.

21. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson has become one of the most beloved scientists of all time. He has zoned in on the unique niche of making science easy to understand. Since few people have time to contemplate the cosmos, Dr. Tyson breaks down physics for busy people in Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.

Your guy will love being able to talk about physics with his scientist friends. The audiobook version is just over three hours long.

22. Tintec culinary blow torch

Speaking of grilling, if he enjoys grilling, he'll appreciate the Tintec culinary blow torch. It can be used to light cigars, solder metal, and most importantly, carmelize steaks and other meats on the grill. Using this will give his meats a smoky taste that he won't always get from outdoor cooking.  This video isn't for the Tintec torch but will give you a great idea of how awesome these can be.

22. Tintec culinary blow torch

Speaking of grilling, if he enjoys grilling, he'll appreciate the Tintec culinary blow torch. It can be used to light cigars, solder metal, and most importantly, carmelize steaks and other meats on the grill. Using this will give his meats a smoky taste that he won't always get from outdoor cooking. This video isn't for the Tintec torch but will give you a great idea of how awesome these can be.

23. Bedsure Sherpa fleece throw

It's an interesting fact of life. Typically, many men don't put as much emphasis on coziness as women do. However, they appreciate it when someone else thinks about their coziness, and whichever man you're buying for will love this Bedsure sherpa fleece throw.

Imagine him curled up on his couch after a long day, reaching for this throw as he clicks on the TV. It also comes in sizes twin, queen, and king. The throw comes in 18 different colors so it will match any decor.

24. Personalized miniature steak branding iron

Any man who loves to grill will appreciate these personalized branding irons for steaks. However, you can also use it for tortillas and more. Unfortunately, you can only put three letters put on it, so you're probably going to have to stick to initials.

Wrapping It Up: Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

If you were feeling overwhelmed when you first began to think about gifts for men who have everything, maybe we've given you some insight and ideas. Remember the three rules for buying gifts for men who have everything: usefulness, surprise, and quality. However, above all, remember that the gift that comes from the heart is the one that he'll love the most.


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