Trending Home Interiors and Gifts That Look Great in Them

home interiors and gifts

Stylish home interiors and gifts that enhance those interiors do not have to be only the domain of the rich and famous. Taking notice of the time and care your friend has taken with their home interiors and gifts for them are sure to be very appreciated.

According to Our Everyday Life, bringing a gift to a housewarming party is not always expected; however, it is the polite thing to do. If you are not sure what their home looks like, you may want to ask about the style of their home interiors and gifts for particular rooms, if they have a preference.

Home Interiors and Gifts Comparison Table

Home Interiors and Gifts to Complement the Space

When choosing a gift to go in a home, whether a new house or somewhere they have been living for a while, finding something that complements their space is essential. To find an ideal home interior gift, do your best to understand the design of your gift recipient’s home and their style

Elements of Design

According to the Interior Design Academy, there are seven elements to interior design. These elements are space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern.


home interiors and gifts

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In interior design terms, space is the physical boundaries that define the area. Space cannot usually be easily changed, necessitating the ability to work within the space provided.

Line and form

Lines help shape the room and guide the eye. You can create lines using furniture and structural design.

Form refers to the shape of the room and the objects within it. The form can be geometric, with hard lines or natural, more rounded lines with softer edges.

Light and color

Light can be either natural light, coming in from windows, or human-made, cast by lamps. Color in interior design is a design element that helps create mood and alter the perception of space.

Texture and pattern

Texture and pattern both add appeal to a room. Regarding interior design, texture can refer to either visual texture or actual texture. Visual texture is all about how something looks to the eye. Actual texture refers to how something feels.

Repeating patterns also add visual appeal, but should also be used cautiously as too much can overload the eye.

Different Styles for Home Interiors and Gifts to Match

When you consider home interiors and gifts to help complement them, you should first identify your gift recipient’s decor style. Once you understand the different elements of their style, you can pick the perfect gift to complement their decor


Domino floor mat - home interiors and gifts

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Minimalist decor styles use a limited color palette, mostly neutral colors, along with whites, subtle grays, and pastels. Clean lines and flat surfaces are standard elements for a minimalist space. Empty spaces are also important, using focal points to anchor the space.

Simplicity is the key to minimalistic home interiors and gifts, so remember, less is more. The challenge for minimalist home interiors and gifts is that even the most well-meaning gift takes up space. When buying a gift for a minimalist space, look for things your gift recipient can use that will not intrude on the clean, sleek lines that their area may already possess.

A fun idea for minimalist home interiors and gifts include accent pillows in bright, fun colors and patterns that can help break up the neutral palette. Small photo frames or shadow boxes can make great gifts, allowing your gift recipient to display meaningful moments stylishly.


According to Interiors by Steven G, traditional style is timeless, taking inspiration from 18th- and 19th-century Europe. Traditional interiors exude sophistication, taking you back in time. The feel is warm, inviting, and elegant. Though the overall feeling may be more formal than other design styles, traditional interiors are still cozy and comfortable.

There is no real rulebook when it comes to traditional interior color palettes. For example, rich, patterned wallpapers may be bordered by elegant, white crown molding. Traditional interiors may feature classic furniture with rich dark woods, heavy fabric, and patterns like damask and florals.

Also, while traditional styling may borrow heavily from times gone by, the style can easily mix and match elements from various historical periods or geographical areas.

When looking at traditional home interiors and gifts, consider antiques or classic art pieces or prints. Other ideas include pieces like gilt mirrors, historical art, and Chinese vases. Scour antique shops and swap meets to find unique one-of-a-kind pieces, such as a set of leather bound books or an antique trunk that your gift recipient will be sure always to cherish.

Shabby chic

White home interiors - home interiors and gifts

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Website Freshome calls shabby chic the “perfect mix of pulled together and carefree.” This style utilizes a neutral background to build all the other elements on, favoring light pastels and neutral colors to set a warm and relaxing feel.

Distressed or vintage furniture and accent pieces often define the “shabby,” while the carefully chosen elements make up the “chic” portion of this style. Textured accessories can add a lot to a shabby chic space. Keeping the palette limited can help prevent a shabby chic area from looking too cluttered.

Mixing and matching shabby chic home interiors and gifts is easy! This style is very carefree and open to combining a variety of different textures and colors. Fun gift ideas for shabby chic interiors include macrame art pieces or a distressed art piece.

Keep in mind that any “distressed” pieces you may buy as a gift should still be safe and functional. Ensure that restored and/or reclaimed items are free of lead paint before gifting them onward.


According to the Industrial Marketer, the industrial design trend came from the repurposing of abandoned industrial factories. Industrial factories featured open floor plans, exposed pipe and brick, and plain facades. While initially meant to reduce fire hazards, these elements all became cornerstones of the industrial look.

Businesses eventually abandoned their old factories in favor of newer construction, leaving these spaces bare. Artists and other people looking for affordable homes began to reclaim these spaces in the 1960s and 1970s. This reclamation eventually spawned the industrial style trend that is still going strong today.

Aside from exposed brick and piping, industrial spaces tend to have open ceilings and large windows to let in a lot of light. Furnishings in an industrial style tend to be darker; think dark grays and darker neutral colors.

For industrial home interiors and gifts, go bold! Industrial spaces can look sterile and cold, so injecting some personality into them with great decor is fun. Vintage and reclaimed items look great in an industrial space. Searching at flea markets and thrift stores can help you score some awesome finds for your gift recipient.

Modern farmhouse

modern farmhouse - home interiors and gifts

Image via Pexels

The modern farmhouse style evokes the warmth and coziness associated with country farmhouse living, along with a certain level of chic sophistication. This style eschews the over-accessorizing that classic country styling may fall prey to. Instead, the modern farmhouse combines clean colors with natural elements and a variety of different textures.

Barnboard, pine furniture, and full plank doors are common design elements in a modern farmhouse design. Overall, modern farmhouse tends to use neutral colors like white, gray, and beige, but you can use pops of color here and there to add some interest.

Another way to add interest is to be mindful of the materials you use. Natural materials are right at home in the modern farmhouse look. Wood, especially pine, goes great in this style, as do other natural materials like stone and rattan. Metal is another way to add interest and texture not just into architectural details like railings, but also furniture, as well as accessories like hooks and shelving.

For modern farmhouse home interiors and gifts, functional items made of natural materials are a good start. A few gift ideas for a modern farmhouse include comfortable woolen throw blankets, vases made of reclaimed milk glass jars, or vintage rattan baskets.


To describe contemporary design is a little difficult as it is an ever-evolving style that takes a little bit of everything from other styles. This style morphs from year to year, looking slightly different as trends change. In recent years, contemporary style combines the straight, sleek lines that you can find in modern and minimalist homes but is not afraid of throwing in a curved line now and then.

Likewise, contemporary styling also features a lot of light and favors light colors to complement it. Texture can be used to add interest to neutral palettes.

The great thing about contemporary home interiors and gifts for this style is its versatility. When choosing contemporary home interiors and gifts, consider functionality. Form and function both have a place in contemporary design.

How We Picked ​Home Interiors and Gifts Suggestions

First, we found some of the most popular trends in home interiors, and gifts that would complement those interiors. We chose each gift based on how well they would fit with a particular style. Finally, we looked to see what other people had to say about each product.

Trendy Home Interiors and Gifts to Match

Here are some of our best picks for stylish home interiors and gifts to match them.

Ceramic succulent planter

Want to help bring a little bit of nature inside? This cute small planter is perfect for bringing in a splash of green. This three-tiered planter set includes three ceramic planters, all equipped with drainage holes.

This ceramic planter’s styling makes it a great house warming gift. While it would be right at home in a modern farmhouse living room, its natural wood look can also look great in a contemporary home.

Please note that this includes the stand and planters only, and does not include the plant itself, which you must purchase separately.

Decorative wood clock

This clock makes a beautiful, practical gift. The second hand moves silently, making this an ideal analog clock to place in an office or bedroom.

The clock is stylish with clean lines and natural wood, making it perfect for just about every type of interior style. It would look just as great in a contemporary kitchen or a shabby chic living room. It measures 8 inches across and 1.9 inches deep.

Wireframe shadow boxes

Modern Metal Wire Frame Shadow Boxes, Decorative Wire Cube Floating Shelves, Set of 3, Black
  • Set of 3 black metal floating shelves with wire shadow box frame.
  • Combine the sleek minimalism of floating shelves with a modern art-inspired look for a blend of simple function and striking design.
  • Perfect for displaying small knickknacks, framed pictures or memorabilia.
  • Can be arranged as a set or placed individually throughout the home.
  • Approximate Dimensions (in inches): Large - 11.9 H × 15.7 W × 4 D; Medium - 10.3 H × 13.8 W × 4 D; Small - 8 H × 11.8 W × 4 D.

Photos and knick-knacks are lovely conversation pieces in a new home. However, they cannot start conversations if they are tucked away where no one can see them.

Floating shelves and metal wire construction make this a perfect housewarming gift for a modern home. This open shadow box style design is sleek and will look great in a minimalist or industrial space.

This set of three shelves can be displayed together or separately. The large frame measures 11.9 inches high by 15.7 inches wide by 4.7 inches deep. The medium frame is 10.3 inches high by 13.8 inches wide by 4.7 inches deep, and the small frame is 8 inches high by 11.8 inches wide by 4.7 inches deep.

Jewelry box

Umbra Stowit Jewelry Box - Modern Keepsake Storage Organizer with Hidden Compartment Drawers for Ring, Bracelet, Watch, Necklace, Earrings, and Accessories (White / Natural)
  • JEWELRY BOX & KEEPSAKE ORGANIZER: Stowit includes several different sized storage drawers and hidden compartments so you can keep your favorite accessories including rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, and necklaces organized and easily accessible
  • CLEAN MODERN DESIGN: Designed by Sung Wook Park for Umbra, Stowit combines the organizational features of a classic jewelry box, with a clean modern design that looks great; made of wood and metal, it’s the perfect blend of style and functionality
  • LARGE DISPLAY TOP: Place your most frequently used jewelry and accessories on the top surface of Stowit for quick grab-and-go access or get creative and use it as a display for showing off your favorite keepsakes like crystals, figurines and more
  • PRIVATE HIDDEN STORAGE: Stowit features a covered design with hidden storage compartments that allows your jewelry to be kept private and out of sight – that means no clutter or mess
  • PROTECTIVE RUBBER FEET & LINEN FABRIC PADS: Stowit features small rubber feet to help keep it in place and the surface you put it on scratch-free; inside, each drawer includes a linen fabric pad that helps ensure your jewelry doesn’t scratch

Everyone has their little secrets, and this jewelry box is a perfect place to hide them. The Stowit organizer has hidden compartments that are perfectly sized for keeping your favorite accessories.

Not an accessory person? No problem -- think outside the jewelry box! This would also be a great landing area organizer for small items like keys and headphones.

Made of metal and wood, this organizer is sleek with clean lines. It would be perfect in a minimalist or even modern farmhouse bedroom or living room.

Gears and Wheels wine rack

Foster & Rye Gears And Wheels Countertop Wine Rack, Polyresin Wine Bottle Holder, Holds 6 Standard Wine Bottles, 3.2" x 5.2" x 13.5"
  • BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE STYLE - This vintage mechanism wine rack design can match the look of any cozy, wood-grain home bar, kitchen, man cave, or wine cellar. Also great for industrial theme home decor, or anyone with a soft spot for steampunk style.
  • HOLDS SIX STANDARD WINE BOTTLES - Six standard bottles of wine, beer, liquor, or cocktail mixers fit into the radial face of this unique wine rack. No assembly required--just add your favorite vintages and you’re ready to get all geared up!
  • COUNTERTOP CONVENIENCE - This wine holder fits easily on the counter of any home kitchen, top of a liquor cabinet, even on a bar cart. The gear-shaped feet support the bottle stand while limiting points of contact with the table. 3.2 x 5.2 x 13.5 inches.
  • PERFECT FOR MECHANICS AND GEARHEADS - Giving a gift for a more technical minded wine enthusiast? They’ll love the interlocking gear and cut-out wine holder design. Perfect as a steampunk gift or for anyone fascinated with clockwork mechanisms.
  • GRANDFATHER APPROVED DESIGN MEETS MODERN STYLE - Foster & Rye combines rugged utility with quality materials and classic vintage stylings for barware accessories that stand the test of time. Your grandfather would approve.

Want to help your friend make a statement in their industrial kitchen? Then this wine rack is definitely for them! This Gears and Wheels Wine Rack is perfect for the industrial aesthetic.

The wine rack holds up to six standard-sized wine bottles. It has a weighted base, making it sturdy for counter or tabletop display.

This wine rack measures 13.2 inches high by 13.5 inches wide and is 5.2 inches deep. It weighs 6.8 pounds. Despite its worn metal look, it is not made of metal -- instead, it is made of polyresin.

The Gears and Wheels Wine Rack is available on Amazon. It gets a 4.1 out of 5-star rating on Amazon reviews. Reviewers call it a good product that does the job well and makes a great conversation piece.

Industrial wall art

Wall Art Metallurgical Firm Waiting for A Demolition Machine Old Factory Painting Pictures Print On Canvas Architecture The Picture for Home Modern Decoration Piece
  • Size:12x26inchx2panel, 12x35inchx2panel, all 4 panels.
  • Giclee artwork, picture photo printed on high quality canvas. Gallery wrapped and stretched over 0.75 '' wood frame.
  • Ready to hang on the wall, each panel has a black hook mounted on back.
  • Each panel sealed with clear poly-bags for extra protection and the whole picture is wrapped in customized carton.
  • A wall decorations paintings for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, Hotel, dining room, office, bathroom, bar etc.

Bold industrial interiors deserve equally bold artwork. This incredible giclee print from First Wall Art features an illustration of an old-style piece of industrial machinery. This is a perfect statement piece for an industrial style interior.

This print comes in four canvas mounted pieces, each measuring 12-inches across, with a hook for easy mounting. The entire art piece spans 4 feet across when fully assembled.

This art comes from First Wall Art and is available on Amazon.

Shabby rustic jewelry organizer

Rustic Jewelry Organizer with Bracelet Rod Wall Mounted - Wooden Wall Mount Holder for Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and Many Other Accessories SoCal Buttercup
  • SAVE TIME AND TANGLES! Keep your bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings in neat order, preventing them from getting tangled and damaged! Show off your stunning accessory collection and pick the perfect piece in no time to complement your outfit.
  • HOLDS DOZENS OF BRACELETS AND DANGLE EARRINGS! The removable bracelet rod and the back wire will make it a breeze to access your dazzling bracelets and dangle earrings.
  • THE PERFECT JEWELRY HOLDER FOR ANY ROOM! It is a 16.5" x 9.5" jewelry organizer smartly designed in the ideal dimensions to fit in your closet, or on your bedroom or bathroom wall. The 2.5” deep shelf can hold a small bowl for stud earrings and rings, nail polishes or other accessories, while the 15 hooks will keep your longer or shorter necklaces neatly hanging until you need them! No more mess!
  • COMPLIMENT YOUR RUSTIC DÉCOR! Handmade from premium hardwood, this hanging jewelry organizer will add a touch of unique rustic air to your room décor! Quality crafted with great attention to the slightest detail, it will make the centerpiece of your room, to inspire you and facilitate you in making the most stunning jewelry combinations!
  • EASY TO INSTALL & WORRY FREE SHOPPING: No special tools and no assembly is required to set up your jewelry holder! The wall mounting screws and anchors are included in the package. This product is backed by a 1 year warranty. If you don't like this item for whatever reason, please message us and we will make it right!

A good jewelry organizer keeps can keep everything right where you need it, tangle-free and ready to go. This jewelry organizer does just that, allowing your gift recipient to organize all their accessories including bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

Made from rustic wood and wire, this jewelry organizer blends perfectly with either shabby chic or modern farmhouse decor.

This organizer is made to fit in a closet, bedroom, or bathroom. It measures 17.5 inches wide by 10 inches high and has a 3-inch shelf with 16 storage hooks, as well as a removable bracelet bar.

You can purchase this organizer on Amazon.

Shabby chic decorative plate

Decorative Plates for Display Wall Hanging Vintage Metal Rustic Kitchen Decor Shabby Chic Home Decor Accessories Gift - Happiness is Not a Destination It is a Way of Life -14.57 x 1.10 x 12.01 In
  • 【QUALITY & MEASUREMENT】- The decorative plates is made of high quality metal with a protective coating. It is hand-made by skilled craftsman antique vintage finish, lasting for long time and will not crack and warping. Measures: 14.57x 12.01 x 1.10 Inches.
  • 【VINTAGE STYLE DESIGN】- Refuse plain boring decorative signs! It’s always the little decorative details that decide the tone in any house. Happiness is Not a Destination, It is a Way of Life. This words shows pretty an attitude to life of the host which would be impressive to guest.
  • 【MULTI-FUNCTION】- The shabby chic push sign is not only a functional door sign but also a exquisite art-work. It also be used as the tray according to some experience of customer because of 12“ (diameter). There exist saw tooth hanger on the back for easily hanging.
  • 【GORGEOUS GIFT】- No one on the earth will refuse the wall decor plate with functional and rustic at the same time. The rustic farmhouse appeal suits most home decor styles and tastes, our metal sign is sure to be impress! Awesome gift for Housewarming, Wedding, Mother’s day, Halloween, Birthday, Thanksgiving.
  • 【GUARANTEED】- Nikky Home is committed to the highest levels of quality and excellence service. If you have any problem with the product or service, please contact with us without hesitate, we are always here assisting the valued customer for you.

As this plate declares, “Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life.” This is a beautiful inspirational saying, and the sentiment makes it a perfect gift for a new home or even a wedding gift.

The distressed antique finish, scroll detailed edges, and quirky lettering make this decorative plate right at home in either a shabby chic or modern farmhouse kitchen or living room.

This plate measures 14.5 inches wide by 12 inches high by 1.1 inches deep. It weighs 11.2 ounces. Made of metal, it includes brownish accents for the classic distressed look.

This decorative plate is available on Amazon.

Wooden chalkboard easel

Vintage White Freestanding Wooden Chalkboard Easel with 3 Display Shelves
  • Freestanding 3-tiered wood chalkboard stand with a vintage-style rustic white finish
  • Features decorative A-framed chalkboard with a 3-shelf storage rack
  • Perfect for home, office, weddings, business and more; Chalkboard can be folded for easy storage and display
  • Official MyGift product**
  • Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 47.25 H X 16.5 W X 16.5 D; Chalkboard - 15.0 H X 14.25 W X 1.0 D; Each Shelf - 1.25 H X 15.25 W X 7.75 D (in inches)

For many adults, the sight of white chalk on black chalkboard evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Though dry erase boards in school have largely replaced chalkboards, chalkboards have earned a renewed spot as useful decoration in events and home.

This freestanding chalkboard is a perfect addition to a shabby chic or modern farmhouse kitchen. It has a rustic white finish and stands approximately 4 feet tall.

You can purchase this chalkboard on Amazon.

Home Interiors and Gifts - Bringing It Home

Finding the perfect gift, whether for a housewarming or to add a little personal touch just because, can be difficult. But whenever you take the time to understand your gift recipient’s style and desires, you can be sure to find something for those stylish home interiors and gifts that are sure to look great in them.

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