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Why doesn't my message show on the card?
In most cases this is due to not using contrasting colors between the card background and the font. Most likely your message is there but blends into the background of your card. To check, try to highlight the entire page-your message should then be viewable. Be sure to use contrasting colors to prevent this from occurring in the future. Page Up
Where do I signup to send your ecards?
You do not have to signup or create a membership to send and receive ecards from All4Love.net. Page Up
Why do I have to double click on the cards to make them open?
It sounds as if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. IE has a built in function that makes users double click on any application that requires the use of Active X controllers, such as flash movies or flash ecards, etc. I find the easiest, fastest and friendliest browser for me to use is Firefox. Page Up
My card was not sent.
When you clicked on the send Postcard button you should have been taken to a page that informed you that your ecard was accepted and will be delivered via your instructions. If you did in fact reach that page then rest assured the card notification left my mail server. There are a lot of reasons why a recipient may not receive this notice including but not limited to the following:
  • The email address for the recipient was not valid.
  • The recipients mail server was down (we will attempt to deliver ecards for two days)
  • The recipients may have received the ecard notification and not noticed it. Ask them to check their junk/spam or bulk email folders.
  • The number 1 cause of ecards not being delivered is due to filters set to help prevent spam. Check your spam or bulk mail filters to be sure your ecards are not being routed in that direction!
  • The number 2 cause of ecards not being delivered is due to typographical errors in email addresses-check and double check those email addresses before sending!
  • If your email is running slow it could be due to high volumes of traffic. Generally you will find this is around holidays but not always!
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I never receive any notification that my card was picked up.
Nobody likes to believe they made a mistake when typing in their own email address but this is the most likely culprit of this problem. We get so used to typing our own email address that we forget to double check it. If you are sure you typed in your email address correctly maybe the answer to question 4 can help further. Page Up
I signed up for card of the day but I am not receiving it-why?
When you signup for card of the day you have to confirm your request by clicking on a link through a special email that is sent to you. If you do not confirm, you will not be added to the list to receive the card of the day. Page Up
Where do I sign up to receive your card of the day?
You may sign up for card of the day on this page: http://all4love.net/p/cod.html Page Up
How do I unsubscribe from your card of the day program?
You may unsubscribe by clicking on the link contained in every card of the day email you receive or use the form located here: http://all4love.net/p/cod.html Page Up
Why can't I hear any music with my card?
In order to listen to music you need the following:

A sound card installed on your computer.
Software: To play the MIDI files on our site you need to install QuickTime MIDI Plugins (a plugin is the software that plays the music on your browser), Flash Player and mp3 supporting software like Real Player, Windows Media Player etc. Plugins are freely available on the net and you may also download software from various sites. Conduct a search on the World Wide Web using the keywords 'MIDI Plugin'.

Please check to ensure that the midi option in the Volume Control/Audio Properties window has not been disabled. Move down to your system tray or task bar and double click on the speaker icon. A volume control panel will be popup. Make sure that you have your MIDI turned up and that Mute is unchecked.

A few of our cards are offered with the senders option to attach music or not. Maybe they opted not to attach any music to your ecard. Page Up

Why can't I access your site?
The following could be the probable reasons:
1. A temporary Internet connection problem may have prevented you from accessing the site.
2. Overload at your ISP's end or the Internet in general can sometimes cause viewing problems.
3.Contact your network administrator and your ISP for information regarding any trouble at their end.Page Up
I can't view my ecard-help!!
If you card is more than 14 days old it has already been purged from our database. If this is not the case perhaps something below will help:

Try viewing the card in a different browser such as Firefox or Netscape.
The latest browsers such as IE 6.0 and its subsequent versions, and any version of Firefox or Netscape 5 work well with our site. At this time we do not recommend IE 7 as it is still new and there are to many problems with this product. If you wish to install these browsers specify all the multimedia options. Also install QuickTime MIDI plugins, Flash Player and mp3 supporting software like Real Player, Windows Media Player, etc. for an improved and enriching multimedia experience.

You could have problems viewing the ecard if you are running low on memory or using a slow modem/processor. Card sites have graphic intensive pages that use a lot of PC memory when displaying graphics like animations and Flash cards in addition to loading the music files, backgrounds and advertising windows.

You can make more memory available by :

a. closing other programs or web pages,
b. closing other applications while you are on the site,
c. using a faster modem and processor or,
d. emptying your temporary internet files and cache files regularly, and restarting your computer.

You may be using a text-only e-mail service like Juno, Erols, and Airmail etc. Such mail servers which only display text, will not be able to provide you with a hyperlink that will take you to the ecard page. You may have to copy the ecard link and paste it in the location bar of your browser.

You can also view the ecard by visiting http://www.all4love.net and entering your ecard id number in any of the pickup boxes given towards the bottom of the page and click on the Pickup Ecard button.

The upgraded versions of Web TV in which Flash Player/Plugin has been preinstalled will enable you to view the Flash cards. The older versions of Web TV are not compatible with Flash technology and these web tv users may have certain problems viewing ecards with Flash animations.
You can view/send electronic cards with gif images, but if the file size of a particular image is large, the page may take a long time to load and the unit may freeze. To avoid this, regularly clear your cache – turn off the unit (a process similar to rebooting a PC) by unplugging it for about 3 minutes. You can also ask your Web TV service provider for alternate ways to download Flash Player and view. Page Up

Why does the music keep playing?
If you are viewing an ecard and the ecard contains music you can use the music controls to turn the music on or off. If the card doesn't offer these options when you leave the page while the music is still playing you can click anywhere on the next page to stop the music. This is an issue for IE users only. Page Up
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