Users of this site tend to be young, single and female. They are experienced Internet users who access the web for social, entertainment, education and news.

Shopping and purchasing online are also a big draw to the Net.

Popular purchases include books, music, travel, clothes and software.

Visitor Profile

63% of visitors are female
64% are 45 years of age or younger
64% are single; 34% are married or in a relationship
58% are involved in an online relationship
33% report a household income of $50K+
78% are Experienced Online +2+ yrs.
74% plan to make purchases online during the coming year.
48% have made an online purchase in the last year

Average Traffic Statistics

14,067 Average Daily Uniques
422,015 Average Monthly Uniques
2,544,244 Average Daily Pageviews

Card Services Accessed 2001

2710876 Cards Sent
2523538 Cards Received
3563972 Cards Previewed

4% User error

Statistics are updated on a yearly basis. Last update: January 2002


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