The Best Unique Birthday Gifts for Her: Think Outside the Box

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Many men have a hard time picking out great gifts for women. Finding unique birthday gifts for her on her special day can be tough. No matter the relationship you have with that special woman, finding exciting and unique birthday gifts for her isn’t as hard as you think. When you're attempting to find the right gift, it can seem like an impossible task. How do you find something that is unique to her?

You don’t want to get her something that doesn’t mean anything, but women typically enjoy useful gifts. Some women are shopaholics who have everything they need and even everything they don’t. Other women tend to avoid shopping altogether. Instead of buying anything they want, they only purchase practical things and hardly spend money on themselves. Either way, how are you going to choose the ultimate unique birthday gifts for her?

Tips for Thinking Outside the Box

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When it comes to finding the best unique birthday gifts for her, you need to think outside the box. It doesn’t have to be crazy or expensive, but don’t go for the safe options, either. Typically, safe alternatives are also the duller options. They are the presents you get for someone you don’t know very well. To let her know you care about her interests, get her something uncommon and exciting.

Think of the things she won’t buy herself

Keep her interests in mind

The Best Unique Birthday Gifts for Her

Now that we have covered some tips, it’s time to get down to business. There are so many unique birthday gifts for her that you can find online. That means there are no extra shopping trips you need to take -- you can get custom-made presents brought right to your door. That also means you can put a lot of thought into a gift, even if you don’t have a much time on your hands to go shopping yourself. We wanted to give you all the best options, so all of the gift options on this list get a 4-star rating or above. And all of those ratings come from Amazon reviews by verified customers.

Subscription boxes

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Subscription boxes come in such a wide variety. They will give her something to look forward to for an extended amount of time. However, this is an area where you need to keep her interests in mind. There are so many boxes to choose from for beauty, health and fitness, fashion, and more. You know her best, and there are many other choices on the market that may fit her -- subscriptions for snacks, coffee, books, clothing, and dinner that can be delivered right to her door, for example. Choose something that will fit her the best. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Boxycharm is a beauty subscription box. It includes four or five full-sized beauty products. Many other beauty subscriptions only provide sample sizes. There are plenty of boxes with a similar selection to Boxycharm, but they come at a much higher price point per box.

You can also choose a subscription for one month, three months, six months, or a full year at a time. If you plan to keep the boxes coming until her next birthday, it would be smarter to pay for a full year upfront. It will save you a little money in the long run. However, the monthly option is better if you need to spread out the cost. Many of these boxes will have similar options for payment.


If your lovely lady is more interested in a combination of beauty, health, and fitness, you may want the FabFitFun box. It can be personalized to a certain point because she will be able to pick one item for each package. There are also two options for your subscription -- annual or yearly. The annual subscription is for one box at a time that will come every three months. You can also pick a yearly subscription, which will give her the same thing for a discounted price. You will pay for four boxes at one time rather than a monthly fee.

Yoga Club

If she happens to be interested in yoga and fitness, a Yoga Club box is an ideal choice. Each package includes customized outfit options for her size and style. That might not sound like much for the price, but regular workout clothing is expensive. She probably won’t splurge on full fitness outfits very often, and when she does, she will probably buy cheaper brands.

If you choose the Yoga Club box, everything in her box will come at a steep discount. The clothing is all from expensive name brands, and it will include three articles of clothing for the price of one. Every box will contain a sports bra, a top, and some leggings. The combination will make her feel cute and ensure comfort during even the most grueling workout. Also, you may need to take a quiz to find a box personalized to your needs and to find out the matching price.


VineOh is another excellent subscription option for the women in your life. At least, as long as they enjoy a glass of wine. There are two boxes available on this website. You can choose to send four bottles or send six bottles. No matter which box you pick, they will come every three months. Keep in mind, you will also have a selection of white, red, or sweet wines, or you can select a combination of red and white wines.

It is one of the best unique birthday gifts for her because it will help her relax at the end of the day. She won’t have to think about grabbing a bottle of wine after a hard day at work -- not when there will already be some waiting at home! It will also help her branch out a little in her wine selection. Many women find their favorite wine and stick with it when there are so many different kinds out there to try. So, give her a more extensive range of California wines that are picked out just for her!

23andMe DNA Testing Kit

Everyone wonders where they came from at one point or another. The United States is considered a melting pot, after all. There are a lot of mysteries to any family line, even across the world. However, it’s one the mysteries of life that you can figure out with a quick test. The 23andMe testing kits have become widely popular because it seems to pique everyone's interest.

If you notice that she has an interest in her family line, this is much less work than if she decided to track down her ancestry herself. Another interesting idea is to do it together. Now, it may not be a good option if there is a possibility that she will be sensitive about it. You will have to determine whether this would be a good gift option or not. However, it would undoubtedly an option when considering unique birthday gifts for her.

Personalized jewelry

If she loves jewelry, there are some great personalized options out there. Instead of getting her any old piece of jewelry, get her something special. Presents with meaning always make the best unique birthday gifts for her.

If you are a married couple or have been dating for a while, you could get a custom infinity necklace with your names on it. It’s thoughtful and holds meaning for both of you. If you have a growing family, consider getting her a bracelet with the birthstones for all of her children. It is simple but elegant, and it will remind her of her family no matter what she’s doing or where she goes.

If you don’t think she will be interested in a necklace with names on it, and she isn’t a mom, there are still plenty of other choices. You could get her a BriLove Constellation Zodiac necklace for her specific sign, or something that fits her personality. For instance, if she’s a travel bug at heart, you could get a layered world map necklace. But it also doesn’t have to be as direct as any of those personalized pieces. If she likes simple necklaces, layered necklaces, or a particular gemstone, all you have to do is pick jewelry accordingly. It won’t be hard when you know her taste and can find something she will appreciate.

Long-distance friendship lamp

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Having a long-distance relationship can be hard whether it’s family, romantic, or a close friend. If you want to make a cute gesture, these long-distance lamps are pretty incredible. They each connect to Wi-Fi, and if you turn one on, the other one will glow as well. It makes you think of the person on the other end, and that can be a comforting reminder. It might not seem like much, but if you’re traveling for work or have to live far apart, it’s the thought counts. You will have the option to buy a single lamp or a pair for you and your loved one. 

Personalized folded book art

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If you’re in a relationship, you most likely have a few select dates you will remember forever -- including when you began became friends, started dating, or got married. Commemorate the special date with personalized folded book art. It makes one of the best unique birthday gifts for her because it’s a tasteful decoration that doubles as a long-lasting memory. No matter what your relationship is to the woman in question, she will love it because it reminds her of you. Plus, it will look fantastic as decor displayed in any home.

Crafting kits

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Most women have a long list of things they have always wanted to do or make. Crafting is such a relaxing pastime. If you aren't entirely sure whether she’s interested in starting a new hobby or what that hobby might be, take a peek at her Pinterest. The chances are that she has a whole board, or several, dedicated to what she’d like to do if she ever has the time. Make her dreams a reality by getting her what she needs.

For instance, an arm knitted blanket is an easy craft that won’t take a lot of time but has a huge payoff. In the end, she will have a giant cozy blanket that she can tell everyone she made herself. At first, it might seem like a lot, but she will have everything she needs and high-quality materials.

More crafty ideas

Include a book for instructions, especially if she has indicated she is interested in working with giant yarn. The book will only cost an additional $10 to $15. Plus, she won't merely have instructions for this blanket, she will also have guides for other projects she could do in the future. There are also jewelry making kits, candle making kits, or macrame plant hanging kits for home decor. Each of these kits will also give her a chance to get in touch with her crafty side again.

If she is interested in other types of projects that aren't listed here, you can still get her everything she needs. It will probably take a little research to find the right tools and materials, but making her crafting dreams into realities will be worth it in the end.

Help her relax with aromatherapy

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Many women have a difficult time relaxing and fully letting go of stress. It may be because a lot going on in her life. It may also just be her personality. Some people naturally get stressed-out or anxious. You don’t have always have to understand what is making her so stressed, but you should be helpful wherever you can be and pay attention to how she feels. You can also help her relax with some unique birthday gifts for her.

An aromatherapy gift basket might be one of the best unique birthday gifts for her because it can be customized. It helps if you know which scents she finds most relaxing and which ones she dislikes. Some safe options include lavender lemongrass soap and peppermint lip balm. By choosing this gift basket, you are getting an excellent deal. Overall, it is a much better price than buying each of the products individually.

You could also get her an essential oil diffuser that comes with a set of essential oils. It's everything she needs to relax.

Puzzle piece photo collection

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If you have a growing family, what’s better than a photo collage that can grow with you? The puzzle piece photo collection can be bought as individual pieces because they are made to fit together. It isn’t merely limited to pictures; you can also get pieces with engraved quotes. It’s one of the best unique birthday gifts for her because it stands apart from other picture frames. It isn’t just a frame -- it’s the pieces of your life that you made together.

Make Her Feel Special with Unique Birthday Gifts for Her

Don’t let her birthday feel like just another day on the calendar. She is unique, special, and in your life for a reason. Make her feel like she’s special with the best unique birthday gifts for her. Pick something personal that she can cherish forever or something that is just for her specific taste. Choosing the same types of things every year can get old.

Your job is to make her feel loved with a gift that she will adore and would never think to buy herself. The selection on the market is seemingly endless, and there are plenty of things that might be considered unique birthday presents for her. Everyone thinks they know what women need, but you’re the person who knows her inside and out. With a little bit of time and effort, you can make her special day even better with unique birthday gifts just for her.

What's the most unique present you've ever received? Let us know in the comments! If you've had a particularly successful gift-giving, we'd love to hear about your experience as well.

Pay attention to their needs, pick something they need but are unlikely to purchase for themselves, and you'll do fine!


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