Here Are the Top 10 Gifts For Outdoorsmen You Can Buy Today

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Outdoorsmen are a funny bunch. They prefer to be as far from civilization as possible. That makes buying gifts for outdoorsmen a little complicated. You can forget the electronics and gadgets, and don't even bother with anything for the home. Outdoorsmen want to be out in the elements, their only roof being a forest canopy. Where do you even start to find gifts for them?

The good news is that there are plenty of tools that outdoorsmen need. Whether that's a good pair of binoculars or a new fishing tackle kit, they'll appreciate it. The perfect gifts for outdoorsmen revolve around utility, so if you know what the outdoorsman in your life enjoys, finding a gift becomes a whole lot easier.

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All About Gifts for Outdoorsmen

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So what gifts for outdoorsmen should you buy? First off, figure out what kind of outdoor activities they enjoy. If they like fishing, then anything to do with the angling lifestyle is perfect. Or perhaps they're avid canoe and portage types? A good dry bag is perfect because that will keep their stuff from getting wet even if the canoe flips. The good thing about the great outdoors is that there are thousands of tools any outdoorsman can use. That means you have thousands of gift options!

Basic principles

When shopping for gifts for outdoorsmen, apply some basic principles to your search. First, is it something useful? That includes anything that they can use to make their experience outdoors better, or easier. A solar phone charger is a great example of this. On the other hand, decorative or cutesy things, such as mementos and bobbleheads, are useless to an outdoorsman.

The next principle is that whatever you buy should be good quality. Often, when outdoors, safety is paramount. A cheap knife can break, causing injury. The last thing you want when you're miles deep into the backcountry is an injury. So always check for the quality of an item. The easiest way to do this is to research customer reviews and experiences online.

Finally, your gift should be meaningful to the individual outdoorsman. If they love fishing, a crossbow won't be much use to them. Now, there are some gifts that all outdoorsmen will love, such as a foldable entrenching tool or a dry bag. So go ahead and get a couple of gifts. We guarantee that they'll love it!

​Where to shop

​Where do you find all these gifts for outdoorsmen? Most major retailers have decent outdoors sections. Walmart has a decent selection, for example. However, if you want nearly unlimited choices, do what we do and hit up Amazon. Not only can you find gifts for practically every type of activity, but often at fantastic prices, too.

How We Reviewed

To find the best gifts for outdoorsmen that you can buy today, we searched online through dozens of different outdoor sites for ideas. Whenever we found an idea that looked awesome, we went to Amazon to see if they had it. If it was available, we checked out what customers who bought it had to say. If they like it, we added it to our list. Soon we had a list of the best gifts for outdoorsmen that we're proud of.

10 Perfect Gifts for Outdoorsmen

​We tried to find a great gift for every type of outdoorsman so that you're job is a little easier. However, if you really want to wow the outdoorsman in your life, choose two or three of these gifts and watch their jaw drop. After all, the only thing better than receiving the perfect gift is receiving a bunch of perfect gifts!

The best gifts for outdoorsmen who camp are camping hammocks. The Sunyear camping hammock is one of the best you can get. The 10-foot camping hammock includes a bug net and tree straps and all the carabiners needed to set up it quickly. Because it's a two-in-one camping hammock, you can flip it over and use it as a regular hammock, which is great for the backyard when not out in the bush. The hammock can carry up to 500 pounds, which is enough for two people to snuggle up and sleep comfortably.

It costs between $35 and $60, and customers on Amazon gave it 4.4 out of 5 stars. Most people praised the high-quality build of the hammock, saying it's durable and comfortable. The only complaints had to do with the mosquito net, which some said was too heavy (although it worked at keeping bugs out).

Next is a fantastic gift for practically any type of outdoorsman. The Dohiker military folding shovel has at least 16 different uses. Camping, snow clearing, gardening, trekking, and trench-digging, just to name a few. There are so many ways they'll love to use it. It's constructed out of tough aluminum and includes a few accessories. There's a magnesium rod for starting fires, a saw, and a club to whack fish with. The best part is that it folds up in a compact pouch which clips nicely to the hip or a backpack.

You'll pay between $25 and $30 for this super-handy tool. On Amazon, customers rate it 4.4 out of 5 stars. Most said it was very sturdy and strong, yet small enough to carry around easily. Many people loved that it can do practically everything, with one guy saying he used it to dig a hole under his car when he needed to change a tire, and another saying they chopped branches off a tree for kindling with it. There were many complaints that it's too small.

If camping is your outdoorsman's favorite activity, then they're going to love the Wealers camp kitchen set. This set is a compact canvas bag that unzips to reveal nearly a dozen camp cooking tools, neatly organized in tight straps. There's a spatula, a ladle, a butcher's knife, scissors and tongs, and even a wine opener! Wealers has thought of everything. Because the bag keeps everything organized and secure, nothing gets scratched or bent. Best of all, it's ultra-portable. This set is definitely one of the best gifts for outdoorsmen that we've come across.

Expect to pay between $25 and $35. Customers gave it a respectable 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, showing a high degree of satisfaction. Many people loved the cutting board, and they all said the knife was incredibly sharp right out of the box. Several people complained about the plastic handles on the spatula and ladle. They said it was cheap.

No matter who the outdoorsman is, the chances are that they have a smartphone or a speaker or something that requires power. That's when the Nekteck 21-watt solar charger comes in handy. With this, they can simply open it up in the sun and plug their device in, and get a nice, fast recharge. The Nekteck is a fan favorite because it works every time and can charge up to two devices at once. Each USB port has its own chip which detects the flow of power and adjusts according to the amount of sun available. This solar charger is one of the greatest gifts for outdoorsmen who also love their gadgets.

It costs between $50 and $75. On Amazon, customers rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars, saying it gets the job done well. Many of them wrote that the build quality is excellent, and loved how easy it is to use. Also, quite a few customers wrote that it charges extremely fast, which is why it's one of the best portable solar charges on the market. People complained that iPhones are not compatible with the charger (but most Android phones are).

Next up is every outdoorsman's best friend. That's right; we're talking about a quality knife that they can depend on. Whether it's cutting twine, sawing branches, or opening a can, the Ka-Bar can do it. The Ka-Bar knife has been standard issue for the U.S. Marines since World War II, and there's a reason for that. This knife is solid, easy to hold, and dependable. It's made with cro-van steel and a leather grip handle. The blade is serrated on the back third with a straight edge on the rest. That makes it very useful for a variety of tasks. It looks cool, too.

The knife will cost you between $60 and $80. Customers on Amazon gave it an awesome 4.8 out of 5 stars. Almost everyone said this knife is well-balanced and a pleasure to hold. They also said it's razor-sharp out of the box. One guy even went so far as to shave with it. There were no complaints.

If your outdoorsman is an avid angler, then the RUNCL fishing tackle terminal will make a fantastic gift. There are 170 pieces in this box, and most of them are things that real anglers need. Swivels, barrels, weights, offset hooks, and more are inside. We particularly love the luminous night fishing beads, which glow a little and attract fish for night feeding. Your outdoorsman will love this tackle box thanks to it being organized, full of useful tackle, and easy to carry.

Best of all, it only costs between $15 and $20. Customers gave it 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, saying it's great for all types of fishing, whether in a river or a pond. More importantly, everyone praised the high quality of the tackle, which is durable and well-built. There weren't many complaints except that the slip shots are difficult to open.

The hunter in your family will love a Barnett 78134 Recruit tactical compound crossbow. It features anti-dry fire technology, which prevents the crossbow from firing when there's no arrow loaded. That prevents damage to the crossbow. The crossbow comes with two 20-inch arrows, a scope, and a rope cocking device. Almost everything is assembled when it arrives, so your outdoorsman will marvel at this beautiful crossbow like Ralphy adoring his new bb gun in "A Christmas Story."

Please note that laws governing crossbows vary from state to state and you should find out how they affect you before you buy. In Oregon, they're illegal to hunt with, while in Florida they can only be used on private land. You can see a helpful map here for more information.

The Barnett crossbow costs between $150 and $200. On Amazon, customers gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars, making it the highest rated crossbow on the platform. Almost everyone praised how quiet it is. People said the trigger pull was great, and they admired its fantastic build quality, as well. Most of the complaints had to do with the scope, which many people said they replaced with a much better one. Your mileage may vary in this department.

Next, we looked at a staple for any outdoorsman -- the hiking backpack. The difference between a hiking backpack and a regular backpack is size. A hiking backpack can pack a lot more inside, and thanks to back supports and stronger straps, can carry it all much more comfortably. The Gonex has 55 liters of space for storage. It features an aluminum rod support system to protect your back, as well as plenty of pockets. Best of all, the Gonex hiking backpack comes with a rain cover, so everything stays nice and dry. Put a gift or two inside the backpack and make it a real treat for your outdoorsman.

The Gonex 55 liter hiking backpack costs between $50 and $60. Customers on Amazon rated it a jaw-dropping 4.9 out of 5 stars. Almost everyone said the pockets and openings on this bag are perfectly placed. It's easy to pack and extremely comfortable to wear, even when fully loaded. One person even replaced their suitcase with it! The only complaints were from smaller people, who said it was too big for them.

Next is one of the perfect gifts for outdoorsmen who canoe or kayak, or do anything near the water. The Earth Pak waterproof dry bag is 20 liters in size and keeps whatever you put inside nice and dry, even if submerged in a river. We love that it comes with an IPX8 certified waterproof phone case. The case features clear plastic sides so you can still take pictures with your phone while it's locked safely out of harm's way. The bag itself features useful arm straps for carrying.

You'll pay between $25 and $35 for the set. On Amazon, customers rated it a whopping 4.8 out of 5 stars. They loved that the bag is waterproof. Many of them said that it's durable and rugged, allowing them to use it even during a tough portage. Another aspect of the bag that people praised was Earth Pak's customer service. They said it was amazing when problems did arise. Unfortunately, a couple of people ran into issues with the bag falling apart after a couple of months, but that seems to be a freak occurrence.

Finally, we have the perfect gift for any outdoorsman who spends time in the dark outdoors. The Von Bright LED headlamp is ultra-bright. Those LED clusters can illuminate objects up to 1,000 feet away! Also, it's waterproof and nearly indestructible. You can drop it from a cliff or run it over with a truck. Snow and rain can't harm it. Despite all that, it is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. This light is one of the best gifts for outdoorsmen because who doesn't want an indestructible LED headlamp? The red strobe light for emergencies is a nice touch, too.

The Von Bright LED headlamp only costs between $10 and $15, so get it as a secondary gift in addition to one of the other items on our list. They will likely love it as much as other customers did, who rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. They praised its build quality, calling it well made and tough. Also, many customers raved about how comfortable the head strap is. There were a few complaints about defective units, but Von Bright and Amazon quickly replaced it in each case.

​Some Final Considerations

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The best gifts for outdoorsmen are the tools that they'll use the most. Whether that's a Ka-Bar knife or a solar charger, your outdoorsman will love receiving one of these gifts. So go ahead and get them a couple of gifts from this list. There isn't an outdoorsman alive who wouldn't appreciate something that we found.

Most importantly, they'll think of you every time they use it. Even when you get separated by miles of distance and thick forest, you'll be in their mind. When they put on their headlamp or crack open their tackle box, they will think of you. That's a gift that keeps on giving!

What are your thoughts? Do you have a great gift idea that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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